Little Lady & Me - Matching Necklaces


Little Lady & Me Necklaces are so sweet! choose from either our Peach or Lilac designs and you and your Little Lady will be rocking your Indera.Beads together. Would you like another one of our designs custom made for you and your Little Lady?? simply go into our Contact us tab and let us know what you would like us to create. Normally these two necklaces would cost you $40.90 if purchased separately but  with our Little Lady & Me special its only $37.95!

Necklaces are set on a 80cm long Grey nylon cord for Women's with matching Grey snap clasp and 40cm long White nylon cord and clasp for the Little lady style. If you would like a shorter length please leave measurements in comments at checkout.

WARNING: Indera.Beads necklaces are designed for adults to wear only. Please don't leave your baby or child unsupervised with this product.

Don't just settle on our Nursing Necklace range either! be sure to check out our wide range of Teethers and accessories too.


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