Indera.Beads Product Information

Indera.Beads takes great pride in the safety and quality of all our products so insuring we have the best quality for our customers, we supply 100% food grade non toxic silicone, which is free from lead, PVC, mercury, cadmium, BPA and phthalates. All our silicone beads have been tested and meet our safety standards, including Australian (AS/NZS 8124-1:2013 & AS/NZS ISO 8124-3:2003+A1 2010), FDA and Safety standards. All our materials and products have been sourced from the highest of quality suppliers.

Here at Indera.Beads your baby's safety is our priority so we have our teething toys independently lab tested to ensure we are providing only the safest of toys on the market to comply with safety standards AS/NZS 8024:3 2012


To keep clean, wash both beads and Nylon cord with warm soapy water and hang to dry. Don't worry if your necklace stretches over time, by simply washing your necklace it should go back to its original size after cleaning. Don't submerge ball chain necklaces or plastic metallic beads in water as they may discolour over time.


Indera.Beads Necklaces, Garlands and Keychains are NOT a toy. Never leave your baby or child unsupervised with this product. Our products have small beads which pose a choking hazard. our Necklaces are intended for Adults only.