• | Hannah Hayes

    The Indera.Journal with Laura from Wild Indiana

      Have you met Laura? Laura is the owner and creative mind behind Wild Indiana. after reading just a little about this beautiful lady, you'll fall in love with not only her products- but her as a person. Laura has welcomed me with open arms to the small business world and is one lady that just wa... View Post
  • | Hannah Hayes

    The Indera.Journal with Larissa from Page and Pine

        After following Jeremy and Larissa since before my son was born, i have grown to fall in love with not only their product but both of these wonderful souls. Both Jeremy and Larissa ooze (thats right ooze!) LOVE.... just have a read to see just what im talking about!       What made yo... View Post
  • | Bronwyn Delaivuna

    The Indera.Journal with Megan Wills Photography.

    Get to know the TOP 5 TIPS  for the perfect newborn photography session every parent needs to know with Megan Wills. View Post